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IHS Medical Group

Physical Medicine, Chiropractic & Rehabilitation located in Westwood, Los Angeles, CA

IHS Medical Group in Los Angeles offers complete pain management and wellness services, including physical rehabilitation medical services, chiropractic care, massage therapy, weight loss management and functional medicine. We also offer Human cell Tissue Products. Founded by Victor Nazarian, DC, the team includes Dr. James Calder.

At IHS Medical Group, the purpose of care is to help patients experience peace of mind through the absence of pain and disease, so they can concentrate on what truly matters – family, friends, and creating great memories. The team works together to develop individualized treatment plans that are effective and efficient at relieving your pain and returning you to the activities you love.

The staff at IHS Medical Group provides a warm, welcoming environment where you can step away from the stressors of daily life and focus on your well-being. The team prides themselves on superior patient education, treatment, and satisfaction. Patient care is a top priority and your time and privacy are always respected.

IHS Medical Group is accepting new patients.


Words from our patients

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    "This office is a magical portal to a world of healing. These people are so invested in bettering their patients’ lives and it shows."

    Kal T.
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    "I have been a patient of Dr. Nazarian for 3 years and I'm able to walk, sit, and get a good night's rest again."

    Shelia J.
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    "I could barely bend my knee when I first came in and now I have full motion and can do the activities I love again."

    Verified Patient
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    "Dr. Nazarian is incredibly knowledgeable and in tune with what's going with my individual body and how to adjust it accordingly. The overall staff is very friendly..."

    Imani E.
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    "My neck was so bad that I couldn't even look over my shoulder...I was referred to this office and after a few sessions I could finally turn my head!"

    Soraida A.
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    "Dr. Nazarian and his staff has been nothing but wonderful to me since day one! Everyone working there is so nice, warm, and welcoming."

    Kimberly M.
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    "Dr. Nazarian and his staff were all so welcoming and helpful that I felt cared for the moment I walked into the office and was greeted for the first time."

    Kristen T.
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    "Dr. Nazarian has taken me from not being able to stand up in the mornings to a fully functional professional bicycle racer."

    Haldane M.
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